Prototypes, small and medium lots, and full production series
Smallest parts to large and heavy parts
All kind of pretreatment
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Our customers' requirements vary widely, but we always have the right process and corresponding technology ready to go. Take advantage of our years of experience. We do finishing for prototypes, small and medium lots, and full production series. From the smallest parts to large and heavy parts on almost all substrates for example on plastic materials, metals, wood (medium density fiberboard).

Quality and cost-effectiveness are our highest priorities. The competence of our highly qualified technicians and the use of the latest technologies guarantee high-quality execution and on-time order completion. We adapt flexibly to your needs and deliver when you need your parts – just in time.

We select the finishing system that will be most cost-effective for your specific needs in terms of surface and resistance. Whether high-quality paint or professional powder coating, one thing is certain – we use only the highest-quality products for the industrial coating of your parts. For both pretreatment and finishing itself, we use only the best coating manufacturers. That's how we ensure our high quality standard.

Painting and coating
Painting and coating
Painting and coating
Painting and coating
Painting and coating
Painting and coating
Painting and coating
Painting and coating


Every surface has its own requirements. That's why we take great care with the selection of the right lacquer. We want the optimum for your surface design. So for every lacquer we pay attention to the ideal color tone and gloss, the required coating thickness, and the right structure.

The perfect pretreatment of surfaces makes a decisive contribution to the quality and service life of the coating. We don't skip steps:
  • Cleaning, degreasing, and rinsing
  • Mechanical pretreatment processes like blasting of all kinds
  • Grinding, spackling, fillers and base coats
  • Chemical pretreatment
  • Special plastic pretreatment


We are specialized in the surface finishing of parts for the automobile industry, RVs, and utility vehicles. We have proved our competence in professional surface coating for many years in machine design and for rail vehicles, as well as in aerospace.
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